Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pick & Polish Nail Salon

The grand opening of Pastry Armoire was held at Pick & Polish Nail Salon in BF Homes, Paranaque. Since the event was a SPArty, I was so happy that my little girl Miley was also invited since she loves having her nails done too. And it was a great way for us to have some mother-daughter bonding time.

so excited for our date! 

I already talked about all the yummy food we ate from Pastry Armoire in my previous post, like the gourmet breads, cakes, dips, ice cream, and coffee. I'm getting hungry just looking at the photo hehe! Everything was so good and you can buy their stuff from their newly opened shop located at the same building as Pick & Polish.

Anyway, I want this post to focus on the salon and the services we got. To be honest, I never go to nail salons because I just put on polish myself. It's my daughter and her lola (my mother-in-law) who love going to salons to get their nails done. In fact, my MIL even has a foot spa machine at home and they love using it all the time!

But after my visit to Pick & Polish, I think I've found a nail salon I'd actually go to. First of all, the interiors are so cute, clean, and refreshing. And their staff is super nice too. Plus, the prices are so affordable!

Left: sterilizers and UV nail colours; Right: Waxing/Massage rooms

They have so many colors to choose from! And you can tell most of the polishes are high-end brands too (Essie, Orly, OPI, Nicole by OPI, Jennifer Lynn). And I love how all the polishes were arranged on the wall too!

Oh, it was funny since I was apprehensive at first that Miley might get bored since it was after all a blogger event. But good thing there were other girls her age there too! That's Anika and Julia, daughters of Fleur and Belle. The girls were BFFs in no time! ;)

Anyway, Pick & Polish offers an array of services which includes manicures, pedicures, hand & foot spa, nail art, waxing, threading, paraffin & massage. They also have party packages in case you want to do a bridal shower or other private events (just call them for more details). For our SPArty that day, we had a foot spa and mani-pedi.

For their foot spa, you can choose among these scrubs: Milk & Honey, Lavender, Strawberry, and Peppermint (this is the one I got).

Then, on to our nails. It was so hard to choose a color since there were so many gorgeous shades!!!

In the end, I asked Miley what color to pick for my toes and she chose pink of course! I went with this dark shade with a little bit of shimmer from Nicole by OPI called "Best Pink Ever". :)

For my nails, I wanted a more neutral shade so I ended up choosing this one called "LAB4401-A" from Orly. And what was funny is that both Michelle and I actually picked the exact same color! Great minds really think alike! ;p

with my seatmate Mommy Fleur

After us, the kids were so excited to have their nails done. It was so cute how they were all together, playing and making chika! And they were so serious about the colors they chose and how it was to be applied on their nails. Like Miley had pink in one hand and yellow on the other. Then on her toes, it was alternate colors naman! Gosh, mas demanding pa sa amin lol! ;p

After, the girls didn't want to go home pa (as expected!) so I got a chance to talk and bond with some of the other bloggers who I met for the first time. It was really such a fun afternoon where we were all pampered and fed to the max! :)

with Millie, Fleur, Michelle, and Belle

And the best part of this day? Spending it with my unica hija. When I told her we were having a spa date, I asked her what she wanted to wear and all she said was "I want us to match mommy". Awww, my heart melted! After this, I promised her we'll go on more mother-daughter dates, and for sure we will be back at Pick & Polish soon. :)

Pick & Polish Nail Salon
Unit 1 Ivory Bldg. Blk 62 Lot 3 El Grande Avenue BF Homes, ParaƱaque


  1. SPArty is always fun! Sayang malayo 'to sakin coz I live bandang North.

    1. Aw sayang! If ever you're in the south though, you know where to go :)

  2. aww!! so nice to see you date with your daughter. I do that also.. it's always fun!!!

    1. Yes, so nice to bond and spend quality time :)

  3. Thank you so much Ms. Helene for your very kind words! We hope to see you again soon! :)



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