Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sensory play with Gulaman

Are you looking for a fun activity your kids can do that can keep them entertained for a long time? Then just head on over to the grocery and buy a couple of packs of these jelly powder mixes! They're super cheap too at just P10 each.

Each sachet can fill a couple of containers so you can make a batch for your kids and another batch for eating. We used these baking tins, but if you have other shaped molds, that would be cute too!

You have to put the mixture in the refrigerator first for it to set. That was probably the hardest thing for the kids to do - WAIT!

But once it was ready, the kids were so excited just touching and feeling the jelly! At first, they were just poking it inside the trays. But once they got more adventurous, they started holding it and really playing with it! Miley and I even pretended we were doing surgery and the gulaman was the heart and other body parts haha (sorry, Grey's Anatomy addict here!). The best part too is that it's not messy at all, just slippery and jiggly. I loved the cold, gooey feeling it had. The kids couldn't get enough of it too! ;)

Even baby Skyler had a blast. I loved seeing his face just feeling the texture and trying not to let it slip out of his hands!

The jelly mix comes in different colors so you can make a whole rainbow of gulaman for the kids to play with. And if they want to taste it too, no problem since it is edible (just make sure it's clean and not something they've rolled on the floor already hehe). Having your child play with different types of textures, tastes and objects definitely helps them discover and explore the world more at an early age. ;)

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