Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ayala Triangle

Last weekend, we trooped over to Ayala Triangle with my mom, sister, and the kids. It was Miley and Sabre's first time to go here so I was excited for them to play in the park. We went in the afternoon and it was a good thing the weather was very cooperative (it didn't rain plus there was a cool breeze so it wasn't hot at all).

First time to eat at BonChon (sorry I don't get to go out much nowadays haha!) I liked their chicken, plus they had chapchae too, which was new I think.
Sabe was in such a good mood, he kept smiling for the cam the whole time! =)
We went on a Sunday so there were hardly any people at all. We almost had the whole park to ourselves!

Miley had so much fun, she kept running the WHOLE time! All the pictures I got of her were action shots!
Miley doing her "flying" action.
Sabe watching his Ate and trying to join in the fun. =)

We also decided to go back another evening to catch the lights show last November 30. It was a holiday so we figured there wouldn't really be a lot of people. Big mistake. We got there at about 5:30pm, and was lucky enough to get a parking slot. Already, there was a huge crowd waiting for the show.

Daddy & Sabey. We actually forgot to bring the stroller so we had to take turns carrying Sabe the whole night (not an easy task I tell you).
The lights suddenly turned on and everyone got all excited (especially me!). I used to go and have dinner with my officemates here when I was still working in Makati but I never got to see the lights show last year.

I was waving my hand to try and get Sabe to look straight at the camera. He thought I was giving him a high five (the only trick he can do so far). So cute!
I swear, its impossible to get a decent shot of Miley nowadays, she's always running around!

See how many people were there! It was insane! The lights show lasted for about 10 mins and it runs every hour from 6 to 9pm everyday this whole Christmas season.

After the show, I went ahead and rushed to Omakase to get us a table. It was so hard to maneuver my way through the crowd, there was just so many people! Luck was still on our side as I managed to get the last table inside the restaurant. Everyone else after me had to go on the waiting list already.

Miley trying to use the chopsticks.

The kids were getting impatient inside the restaurant so we had to take turns eating and then taking them out. One thing I learned bringing my kids when eating out is to be prepared to eat fast! Both kids refuse to stay in the high chair for any period of time. Plus, they both want to grab anything on top of the table to play with (usually its the breakable kind). If ever they're asleep when we get to the resto, they manage to conveniently wake up when the food arrives (figures!). While playing with Miley outside, I heard one guy angrily say to his girlfriend "This is the worst f***ing day to go here!" (they were also waiting outside Omakase for a table). Could be true, but I heard afterwards that it really is crowded almost everyday especially with the lights show. We wanted to get dessert at Banapple after but again, there were just too many people (all the restaurants were packed!). We just decided to get take-out.

Anyway, we still had fun despite the crowd and the heat. If ever we do go back, I'll be sure to go when the Christmas season is over.

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