Monday, December 5, 2011

Our first Christmas tree

I LOVE Christmas! I remember I was in the mall last September when I first heard them play Christmas songs. I just couldn't help but feel all giddy inside. There's just something about seeing Christmas decors that gets me all excited about the holidays! I still recall when I was a kid and we'd drive around Makati just to see the Christmas lights in Ayala. My favorite was the window displays in Rustan's, it just always looked so magical!

This year, my mom set up the Christmas tree last October (excited much?) and since we still hadn't moved by then, we were able to help with the decorating. Actually, it was more of me trying to keep Miley from breaking all the Chrismas decors (she would pick the balls from the tree like apples and try to bounce them on the floor)!

Miley "helping" to decorate the tree
I couldn't help it, I just had to put decors in Miley's hair too!
I added one more flower when she wasn't looking hihi!
I think Miley's starting to get annoyed with me...
cutie pie flower girl

When it was my turn to buy our very first Christmas tree, I was okay with just buying a cheap one. I figured it'll be covered with decors anyway. But my mom argued that I should get a really nice looking one (read: more expensive) as an investment since we'll probably have that tree for a really long time (in fairness, our old Christmas tree has been with us since I was a kid). So, I agreed and we got one of those realistic looking pine needle ones.

Before we had the moving van bring all our stuff to the new house, I just had to go ahead and set up the tree! I didn't know it was going to be quite a challenge installing those branches though!
TADA! All set up! I look like a mess here though, I was covered in glitter from head to toe!
Our 8 ft tree still looked like it needed more bling though...
I bought more decors to really fill the tree up. I chose a mix of gold (classic) and purple (my all time favorite color) as our theme.
close up
Perfect! I completely love the finished look.

Now, all that's missing are the gifts under the tree. Now excuse me while I go wrap up those presents. =)


  1. Great tree! How funny that you had the urge to decorate Miley too! My first tree was a hand me down from my sister. Come to think of it, so is my second! I now decorate my tree with pictures so it's like a scrapbook! Patsy from HeARTworks

  2. Hi Patsy! Thanks for dropping by! That's a great idea, will definitely keep that it mind when I decorate my tree next year. =)



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