Monday, December 19, 2011

Last minute Christmas shopping

So many things to do, so little time! As of now, I’m still not even halfway done with wrapping Christmas presents! With watching the kids all day, I always tell myself that I’ll get down to finishing everything after they go to bed. But when they finally fall asleep, I’m already so tired I don’t have any energy left to wrap even a single gift!

With Christmas just around the corner, I realized that I still had some last minute shopping to do. So today, after we dropped Miley off at my in-laws so we could bring Sabe to the doctor for his monthly check-up and measles shot, I convinced Vins that we had to go to the mall after (yahoo!). 

Oh how I’ve missed you Glorietta! As I mentioned in my previous post, since we moved to the south, I’ve had to say goodbye to my favorite malls. When we were still living at my old house, I’d always be at MOA or Glorietta every weekend (or even on weekdays since I worked in Makati). 

When we got there, I saw that they had already opened the area near the SM walkway that had been under construction for quite some time now. No stores yet but still, excitement!!!

Vins and I were like little kids going from store to store. Sabe was such a good little boy sitting in his stroller. He’d get impatient after a while and would want to get picked up, but other than that, he was just perfect!

Here we are in Nike waiting for Vins to try on some running shoes. After the 5th shoe store I told Vins: "Akala ko ba Christmas shopping? E bat parang shoe shopping na to?!" And to think Vins just bought running shoes 2 weeks ago! Haaay I'm not the only shoe addict in this family! Well, I can't blame him, the prices and stocks in G4 are better than the ones in Town Center. Vins was pissed coz his new running shoes cost cheaper here plus it came in black which looked nicer than the blue ones he got (tsk tsk, told him kasi to look around first muna, but NO, didn't listen to me. ayan tuloy! ;p).

But anyway, after going around and buying everything we needed, I checked on Sabe in his stroller and this is what I found. Awwww!

So glad I was able to spend time with my boys today. Bonding -check! Shopping- check! Now, back to wrapping presents after I wrap up this post (hihi corny!).

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