Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ate Miley

Sharing one of my favorite pics of Miley and Sabe:

Miley is such a good big sister. People ask me all the time if Miley gets jealous of Sabe, but you can just see how much she loves him. Every morning, the first person she looks for is Sabe with matching greeting of "Good morning Sabey!" Plus, Sabe is the only person she kisses! I don't know why but she never wants to kiss me, her dad, or anyone else (not unless she really wants something ;p).

She's so protective of him too. Once, she heard Sabre crying really loudly. She rushed out of the room, immediately looked for her brother and when she found him said "Why are you crying?" (with matching worried look on her face). I mean, even I can't believe that she's like this and she's barely even 2 years old!

Once, Sabre was already sleeping when Miley jumped on the bed shouting "Good morning Sabey!" (it was already 10pm) and naturally he woke up. I was about to get mad (it is so hard to get Sabe to sleep!) when Miley suddenly touched his cheek and said "I love you Sabey. I miss you." Awww, it was so sweet I almost cried! With such a close age gap (at just 14 months apart) I just hope they'll still be as close as ever even when they get older. =)

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