Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our "useful" car seat

We just came from an out of town overnight trip to Bataan. I have loads of pictures from the place, which was gorgeous! But before I share them, I want to show how useful the car seat was during this trip. You see, both Miley and Sabe hate sitting in it. They probably used it for only 2-3 months with minor complaint, then once they got older, they'd just cry and cry the minute we strap them in. Some say you should just let them cry it out, masasanay lang sila eventually. But we always end up carrying them or letting them sit on our laps since we can't stand seeing them look so miserable.

Anyway, we brought the car seat this time since we knew it was going to be a pretty long road trip. We figured once Sabre fell asleep, we could just transfer him there. But what surprised all of us was when Miley was the one who WILLINGLY wanted to sit down there! I guess now she thought it would be fun sitting on it haha. I think she's also starting to get the case of sibling jealousy? It's like sometimes she wants whatever Sabre's doing or holding. Here she is, looking much too big for the car seat (that now belongs to Sabe), and holding her new toy (which we brought for Sabe to play with). ;p

On the way back home, Miley also sat in the car seat and fell asleep for more than a hour. I swear, this is the most action our car seat has gotten!

Anyway, I remembered this photo I took a couple of months ago showing how Sabe gets when we try to put him in the car seat. Wild!

I'll be posting the pics from our trip soon. I just need to get some rest first. Good night! =)

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