Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy 11th anniversary…

Of being boyfriend and girlfriend! Haha! Even though Vins and I have been married for almost 3 years now, I still like celebrating our BF/GF anniversary. We didn’t do anything major today like we used to back then. We just went to the mall and watched a movie (believe me, getting out of the house is already a big deal in itself). But it was still pretty special since we got to spend time together and then have mass at the end of the day (since it’s also the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, we get to go to mass every year on our anniv too).  I don’t know, I guess December 8 will always have a special meaning for me forever. Looking back, I can’t believe we’ve been together now for more than a decade! Vins and I met back in college,  when we were blockmates taking up Advertising Management in DLSU.

college days!

We were seatmates too, since they seated us alphabetically during some of the classes. Naturally, Vins fell head over heels in love with me at first sight (or so I say ;p). My first impression of Vins was that he was loud and annoying (actually I was right since he's still loud and annoying up to now... haha just kidding!). Coming from an all-girls school my whole life, I honestly wasn’t really used to dealing with guys. But of course, when Vins started making “the moves” on me (like pretending to borrow a pen or a calculator, sabay strike ng converstion!), I got to know him better as someone I had a lot in common with. One thing was for sure, he could always make me laugh! And the number one criteria I had when looking for a potential boyfriend then was that he had to have a sense of humor - and Vins certainly had that!

eeeep I was so thin back then! trivia: this was actually our very first ever cellphone pic!
OMG so nene and totoy!!!

I admit, I couldn’t really say that Vins was my type before, but we always had the best time whenever we were together.  We could spend hours talking and laughing about anything and everything (even up to now). I knew we had something special and I'm glad he was the one I chose to say yes to. He truly is my best friend and I’m thankful that we beat the odds and managed to stay together after all these years. Sometimes, we’d take a break to look at our lives and marvel at how everything turned out.

at our college graduation (nice hair Vins!)

From being college kids to being married and having 2 kids, we’ve really gone a long way. So to Vins, my first love and my first boyfriend, I'm happy to say that you are also my last. I love you!

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