Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I came across this article and couldn't help laughing when I read it. I think I said YES to all the points! Haha! Well, this blog isn't called mrsmommyHOLIC for no reason. =)


1. You have many unopened or tagged items in your closet

I used to have a lot of clothes/shoes/bags/accessories that would just sit in my closet without ever being worn. The reason is that I usually shop whenever there's a sale, so I end up buying a lot of stuff at once since everything's so cheap and marked down (the classic "quantity over quality"). For example, in the past, when the sale season came in January and they were selling sweaters, jackets and coats at 50% off, I bought a lot for use on "future trips" (which I never took). Or when I was pregnant, I bought a lot of party clothes that I figured I'd wear after I gave birth (really? like I honestly thought I'd be able to go out and party like I used to after having a baby!). Or those swimsuits on sale that were a size too small (hey, this will motivate me to lose weight! ha! never wore them and probably never will).


The problem is, trends change really quickly too. When the chance comes for me to finally wear the stuff I bought, I'm usually on the hunt for something new again. And let's not forget that I'm now a Stay-At-Home-Mom who stays home most of the time. So unless I want to wear that fully sequined dress while playing hide & seek with the kids, it stays in the closet for now.

Now, I have the same problem with home decor. You probably know from reading my blog that I love shopping during those weekend 3-day sales. So I usually end up buying picture frames, curtains, or pillow covers in bulk since they're all so cheap. But then, most of it ends up in storage. I mean, I probably have about 30+ throw pillow covers but only 8 throw pillows... And I can't really display all the frames at once or my house will look like an art exhibit. Get the picture? ;p

2. You often purchase things you don’t need or didn’t plan to buy

This is related to the 1st sign. Like I said, I have a tendency to buy stuff when they're on sale or dirt cheap. Regardless if I need it or not. Buy 1 Take 1? GO! 3 for P100? GO! 3-months 0% installment? GO! Last piece? GO! My mentality is, I'm getting huge savings NOW so I better take advantage of it. But then, back to sign#1, I end up not using most of it.


Another instance is me always ending up buying something from shops like Daiso / Japan Store (with everything at P66 or P88, how can you resist?). I mean, I need those apple green chopsticks right? Or what about that cake slicer... we eat cake too! I'm telling you, that store is a trap! Don't go in if you don't want to spend any money. Because you will...

3. An argument or frustration sparks an urge to shop
Ok, who doesn't feel better when they shop? Even buying a little something is sure to brighten up anyone's mood when they're feeling down. =)

4. You experience a rush of excitement when you buy

Umm, I experience a rush of excitement even before I buy anything. Like the moment I step into a mall! Or especially when I see a SALE sign. My heart starts pounding, my palms get sweaty and I want to start running ala Amazing Race to get to all the good bargains first! And when I do, best feeling ever!


5. Purchases are followed by feelings of remorse

I get this sometimes. And not really remorse of why did I buy this, but more, I should have bought that other thing instead, gets? Which is why I'm thankful for return policies. If you bought something on a whim, you at least have time to think about it.

6. You try to conceal your shopping habits

I have to admit, I do this. Like when I just came home from a big shopping spree, I try to hide some of the bags first. Or try to downplay how much I really spent. But then I always come clean in the end. I mean hubby knows me too well! =)

7. You feel anxious on the days you don’t shop

Not really anxious. Just excited for the days that I DO get to shop. =)


So after going through all the signs, all I can say is YES, I'm Helene and I'm a shopaholic. But ever since I got married and had kids, I've been slowly starting to tame my ways. Most of the stuff I buy now are for the kids or for the home. Before, I wouldn't even think twice about splurging during a Zara or Mango sale. Now, I think 100x before buying clothes, shoes or accessories. And I try to buy more classic instead of trendy stuff so that I'll end up using it more.

One thing to note about my being a shopaholic is that I never spend beyond my means. I used to spend a lot on myself when I was still working, but that's because I could afford it. I was never in debt (and don't plan to be). I guess after going through all the signs, I just have to remind myself to know my limits and know the difference between what I WANT vs. what I NEED. I don't think I'll ever completely stop being a shopaholic. Shopping just makes me happy and as they say - Happy Wife, Happy Life! (are you listening hubby?) ;p

Read the full article "7 Signs You're A Shopaholic" here.

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