Sunday, October 28, 2012

Excited for Halloween!

It's almost time for Halloween and I couldn't be more excited for the kids to wear their costumes and go trick-or-treating. For now, let me share what the kids wore LAST year. I wanted them to coordinate or be a tandem since it's just cuter that way. =) So last Halloween, they went as DORA and BOOTS!

Miley's DORA outfit was so easy to put together since it's just made out of a plain pink shirt, orange shorts, yellow socks, and white shoes. What's great about this costume (aside from it being so comfortable) is that she could still wear everything even after Halloween. The backpack was the most important part and it was a good thing I found one at SM. =)

I really wanted to have a BOOTS costume made for Sabe but luckily, my in-laws were able to buy this monkey suit when they went to the States. It was super cute but only ideal to wear indoors (with the aircon on!) since the material was made of thick fur. And look, it even came with a banana! =)

Anyway, Sabe didn't wear his monkey costume when we went around trick-or-treating since it was just too hot! But at least he had red shoes on, just like Boots! =)

Here's another matching outfit they wore when we went to the mall last Halloween. Anyway, I can't wait to show you what Miley and Sabe's costumes this year will be! Stay tuned. =)

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