Monday, October 15, 2012

Playtime at Kevin's Toys & Library

We went to Glorietta a couple of days ago with the kids to meet my mom. Miley was super hyper as usual and we decided it was finally time for her to try playing at Kevin's Toys & Library to burn some energy.

I've been wanting the kids to play here since it looks so fun but it was always packed with people. The place itself is a little small so it usually looked crowded when we would pass by. Luckily, we went on a weekday so there was only quite a few people during that time.

located at the 3rd floor near Rustan's and Mercury Drug

Since it was a weekday, the rate was P190 / hour. Plus P20 if a guardian will come in with your child. You need socks to enter the play area though and we had to buy one for my mom (P30) since she was the one who accompanied Miley inside. Poor Sabe was sleeping so he missed out on all the fun. :(

books, dolls & action figures, trikes
"rock" climbing wall
ball pools & some TVs at the back showing cartoons
slide & hanging bridge

Miley was so excited she was running around not knowing what to do first. She kept pulling her mamu in different directions. What was good is they had female staff watching over the kids in every area like helping the kids go up the wall or go down the slide. So at least you can be assured there's an extra pair of eyes watching your kid to prevent any accidents.

climbing the wall & waving hello to mommy from the top
her favorite place, the ball pool!
a little scared of the slide at the start, but she was a pro after the first try

Miley had so much fun! I'm not sure about her lola though... she was so tired from all the running and climbing haha. My mom told me next time, we're the ones going in with the kids na lol! ;p

I just wish the place was a little bigger though. The place is so narrow I can just imagine how hard it is to move around when there's much more people inside. But it is a good place to leave your kids for an hour or so if you want to go around the mall. At least they'll be having fun playing and interacting with other kids.

Overall, it was a good experience for Miley. Can't wait for the next time with Sabe as well. =)

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