Thursday, October 4, 2012

New mattress protectors

Remember my sorry excuse for a mattress protector here? Well, I was finally able to replace it during my trip to Sydney when I was able to buy these new ones at a Kmart store. The one for our bed was a bit expensive at $29, but I figured it was really an investment since we would be using it for a long time. Plus, both kids spend most of their time on our bed so it was really prone to accidents. The top part had a terry cloth layer so it doesn't get hot when you lay down on it, while the back is made of waterproof laminated PVC. The stretch skirt fitted the bed perfectly so it really stays put.

AUS $29

I was able to find a much cheaper one for the kids' twin bed. It was only $6 because the whole thing is made of PVC. I was afraid it was going to get hot when you sleep on it, but I tried it and it wasn't noticeable at all. I actually like this better because you can just wipe it clean when it gets wet, not like the one for our bed which you still have to wash and dry out. Unfortunately, there wasn't a queen size available during that time.

AUS $6

Overall, I'm happy and very satisfied with both products. Really worth every penny. =)


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  2. Going to a king tempurpedic mattress to the floor has done some damage. ;) My flight leaves back to LA tomorrow. A beautiful long vacation almost Amerisleep memory foam mattress

  3. I use these two effective products my self and Overall, I'm happy and very satisfied with both products.

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  4. I'm always using mattress protector but sadly bugs can still go inside the mattress. And when it comes to water proof mattress I got some but they are easily to tear up. I think I'm buying low quality mattress protector. Thanks for this one.

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  5. It’s good that you decided to have a mattress protector. Stains and spills can easily happen, and having an extra layer of protection will protect your mattress from the damage and dust mites. It would not only keep your mattress stain free, but it can also help to control allergies. If you are lucky, you can find one that can increase the comfort of your mattress.



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