Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dong Juan

* Update: Dong Juan is now closed and replaced by The Urban Farm as of January 2014.

I love doing errands with my hubby because not only do we accomplish a lot, but we also get to spend quality time with one another (naks!). During one of our errand days, we decided to squeeze in a little date lunch at this restaurant we wanted to try. Too bad it was closed so we ended up at Dong Juan, another newly opened restaurant at President's Ave. BF Homes, Paranaque.

The interiors were cozy and nicely decorated, Filipino style, using lots of wooden furniture and capiz lamps. I did some research after and found out that Dong Juan originated from Cebu.

We had been trying to guess what their food was before based on the restaurant's name. We figured it was a fusion of Chinese (Dong) and Pinoy (Juan). But we were pleasantly surprised when we saw the menu and found out they had burgers, pasta and pizza to name a few. We actually wanted to try the pizza but after we ordered, we were told the oven broke so we just got something else. :(

their homemade Iced Tea
Onion Rings (P169) - I had to ask for mayonnaise though since I'm not a fan of the sauce it came with (hubby liked it though)
Baby Back Ribs in Homemade Barbeque Sauce (P279) - taste was ok, although we initially had to ask them to heat it again since it was a bit cold when they first served it
Dong Juan Red Hot Chili Burger (P179) - the server recommended this burger to us and hubby liked it since he's a fan of anything spicy

Overall, it was a decent dining experience. I want to come back to try their pizza and pastas though. Hopefully next time their oven will be more cooperative. =)

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