Friday, October 19, 2012

Splurge vs Save: Little Black Dress jewelry organizer

I was doing some online window shopping when I came across this product in Zalora:

At first, I thought there was some kind of mistake with the price but then since the brand was Umbra, I figured it was really that expensive. The reason I did a double take was because I had just bought this very similar (and I guess fake ;p) organizer from Divisoria a few weeks ago. It was being sold for P100 each, but if you bargain (and depends on how many you get), it can go down to as low as P70.

It doesn't come with a hanger, has less hooks and clear pockets, and the shape is less defined than the one from Umbra. But for the price, I'll stick with my Divisoria buy anyday! =)


  1. Where from divisoria u bought this little black dress..apprcteit much..thanks

    1. Hi sis, just in one of the stalls in 168 mall. :) You won't miss it kasi a lot of stalls sell it din.



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