Saturday, September 29, 2012

Divi Day

I went to Divisoria a few days ago to get a head start on my Christmas shopping. Plus, I'm sure it will be harder to go here the closer it gets to December. There were already lots of Christmas decors for sale but I didn't need any since I already bought all my decorations last year.

My mom and I like going to Divisoria really early, like around 7am, so we can get good parking (usually in the basement of 168 mall). The stalls inside the malls open at around 9am so we start by going shopping first in the bangketas / streets. At least it isn't so sunny and hot by that time yet (but be prepared to still sweat). There are a lot of good buys here but if you're not up for getting a bit dirty or getting a little too close to the crowds in the streets, then best to just stick to the malls. We bought wrapping paper and ribbons, plus some tela (cloth) which they were selling on the street.

We then went back to 168 mall when the stalls opened. I know I was supposed to be focusing on buying gifts but I couldn't stop checking out the clothes, shoes, and accessories! Everything was so cheap! I was so tempted but I think I was able to control myself... for now haha. I just ended up buying stuff for my kids as usual. I was able to buy gifts for about 80% of my Christmas list so mission accomplished.

We ate in the foodcourt and I just love how there's so many choices from McDo, Jollibee, Chowking, Tokyo Tokyo, etc. There are other malls around the area like 999 mall, Divisoria mall or Tutuban, but we always manage to just stay within 168. I mean, I think it can take me 2 hours just to go around the ground floor! And what's funny is that when I see something I like but I'm not so sure of, I make a mental note to return and look around first. But then, when I finally decide to get it, I can't find the stall anymore! Happens every single time. But with all the vendors there selling practically the same stuff, for sure you'll find something just like it. Just be prepared to BARGAIN! ;p

Anyway, I won't be posting the stuff I bought since most are Christmas gifts. However... I simply couldn't resist buying something for myself haha! But they're super best buys so I'm not guilty at all! Check out these accessories. The bangles are just P20 each while the rings are at P10. I know, can you believe it?!

And there were soooooo many nice necklaces to choose from. I swear, it took me so long to decide what to get. The accessories they have were like the stuff from SM or even F21. Finally, I got these babies below. The necklaces were P100 each (P80 for 6 pcs. or more) and the earrings were P50. I super want to get more!!!

What's even more amazing is I went to Alabang Town Center a few days after and saw the EXACT same blue necklace which I got above (on the right) being sold in Diva for P949!!! The colors look different because of the lighting but trust me, it's the same. Unbelievable! Who needs DIVA when you have DIVI? hahaha! I love Divisoria! ;)

How about you, have you started on your Christmas shopping yet? =)

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