Monday, September 10, 2012

Taronga Zoo

I wasn't really planning on going to the zoo when we were in Australia because of the hefty entrance fees, plus I figured it would just be like the other zoos I had already visited. But Vins changed my mind since he is such an animal lover (his dream when he was a kid was to become a marine biologist). Good thing there was a 15% discount coupon in one of the Sydney Guides I picked up at the airport. So from $44, the entrance fee came down to $37.40.

We went to Taronga Zoo via ferry from Circular Quay, which took about 15 minutes. The zoo was beautiful, clean, sprawling and probably one of the best zoos I have ever been to.

First animal we saw was the koala! I read online that it was better to go to Featherdale Zoo (although farther and smaller) since you can really touch and interact with the animals, unlike in Taronga where you have to pay extra for an encounter with them. But since all I wanted to see during this trip was a koala and a kangaroo, I was already thrilled just watching them from afar. =)

Here are just some of the fascinating creatures we saw in the reptile section...

Plus other animals which you don't normally see like a komodo dragon, tasmanian devil, tapir, and a big gorilla. It was extra exciting seeing these creatures, some for the first time!

Then we saw some kangaroos! The big ones were sleeping though (check out that batugan pose on the upper left). There was a part where you can walk inside this area with the smaller kangaroos but I was afraid to go near them hehe! We also saw some red tailed kangaroos (bottom right).

It was also fun and educational watching the seal show and the bird show which showed spectacular views of Sydney in the background...

The zoo was so clean I don't even recall any animal smell. And each enclosure for every animal was huge! Check out the elephant and chimpanzee enclosures below. If you remember my post about our trip to Manila Zoo, the lone elephant there was in a space (or more appropriately cage) way, waaaaay smaller than this. And he didn't even have any water. In Taronga Zoo, they really emphasize the conservation of animals and they are given ample space to live, romp and play comfortably. I just wish our zoo here in Manila could even be half as good as the ones abroad. Then you would actually appreciate and enjoy the animals rather than feel sorry for them.

So in the end, I'm so happy we went although it was bitterweet since we were missing the kids the entire time! :( We definitely have to bring the kids back here when they are a bit older. I can't wait for them to see and enjoy these animals for themselves. =)

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