Monday, September 17, 2012

Cotton On at SM MOA

Cotton On is definitely one of my favorite stores abroad. They have the cutest stuff and it's really affordable too especially since they always have sale racks with stuff from just $5 - $10! On my recent trip to Sydney, I couldn't resist buying some stuff as well even though it was a bit more expensive than say, Singapore (and to think this is an Australian brand).

So I was beyond excited when Cotton On finally opened here in Manila last September 7! I was able to check it out last week and the prices are definitely a lot more expensive than what you would find in other countries. Like the bags that they were selling for $10 in Singapore (about P340) and Australia (about P440) were priced at P799. And they had more designs too, not like here where they only had 1 color! Shades were P549 each, but you could find those abroad for $10 or even 2 for $10 at some outlets. And I don't know, but I didn't really find that much cute stuff. Maybe it's just the season though, let's see in the coming months.

I ended up not buying anything haha. But I'm curious though when they go on sale how much the prices will drop. Personally, I think the Forever 21 stores are better here in Manila. But Cotton On is and will always be one of my favorite shops. =)

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