Friday, September 14, 2012

Ideas for my little boy's bedroom

Right now, the room originally intended for Sabe is acting as our storage room. Blame it on our home's lack of storage space or the fact that we have a lot of stuff (or as my hubby calls it, junk or kalat). I've been meaning to fix this room up ever since we moved in, but there wasn't really a rush since Sabe and Miley currently share a room and he's too young to sleep on his own anyway.

behind closed doors: we usually dump whatever toys the kids aren't using or stuff we don't want our guests to see in here

But of course, I feel like I need to get started on this, otherwise, this might end up as our permanent storage room forever! What I'd like to do is design this as Sabe's room which can also act as a guest room. Of course, I have to figure out where to put all our stuff first before I can actually do anything. But I already have a few ideas on how I'd like the room to look like.

After going through different color schemes, the one that keeps coming back to me is orange, blue and gray. These aren't even my favorite colors, but I just find that the combination works for me.

Here are some of my design inspirations which I found online:

I totally adore this chevron pattern and would love to use it on the walls
via Project Nursery

via Project Nursery

I super love this bedding but they just sell it for cribs and toddler beds. The colors are just perfect!
via Target

via Colorful Kids Rooms

via Project Nursery

via My Home Rocks

via Project Nursery

And lastly, this isn't a kids room but if you know how much I love bold prints and patterns, then you know how much I love this! DREAM!!! ;p

via The Lennoxx

Hopefully, I can get started with this project before Sabe turns 2! Or maybe even before Christmas? ;p #wishfulthinking

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