Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Curtains - FAIL!

We all make mistakes. And I just made one when I bought these curtains.

I was planning on getting beige ones but just as I was about to leave, I saw these teal curtains which were on sale at P600 for 2 panels. The color looked nice and I figured it would looked great next to our orange living room wall (seen here). I guess I was also inspired from the recent orange and blue color combo I was thinking about for Sabe's room.

Anyway, I even had the curtains opened up and all so I could check how they really looked. I also decided to get a cream panel in between just to break the color up. They looked fine in the store all hung up in a makeshift curtain rod. SOLD!

And then I got home. I was so excited to hang these babies up I didn't even ask hubby for help! After I hung the first set of curtains on one side, I already knew they looked wrong. I still finished hanging everything so I could get a good look from afar. Still not working. I think they looked nicer when I saw them in the store because of the difference in lighting. The white fluorescent lights in the store somehow made the curtains look better. When I hung them up at home, all the sunlight passing through the teal curtains made our living room look darker. Plus, I never realized how SHINY the material was! Our yellow lighting at night made the curtains look like those from a stage play. Or a graduation background according to hubby. And don't get me started on that cream panel in the middle. Ugh, the color looks hideous in person! I really don't know what I was thinking when I bought them. The colors don't match anything in our living room at all! Lastly, the curtains were also a bit short (figures!).

Hubby has had this "I told you so" look on his face ever since I bought these damn curtains. We've had an argument about it (waste of money) to a good laugh (no need to watch Phantom of the Opera, we can put on our own staging of the play right here!). I'm definitely returning these and hopefully, I'll make the right choice next time! ;p

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