Sunday, September 16, 2012

To DIY For: projects on my to-do list

I'm sure you all know by now how much I love DIY. I just love the feeling of accomplishment it brings after seeing your completed project. I read so many foreign blogs which focus on DIY for the home and I just realized that there aren't many of those types of blogs here in the Philippines. Most of the blogs which feature DIY are mostly projects for weddings or parties. In the blogs I read, they do a lot of stuff for the house themselves like painting entire rooms, upholstering furniture, sewing curtains/pillow covers, etc. I guess here in the Philippines, we usually turn to a carpenter to do these things for us or just buy stuff from a store.

But aside from major home improvement, there's also a lot of smaller decorating projects that anyone can surely do. You'll be surprised at the amount of brilliant ideas out there just by browsing online. That's why I love doing and sharing my DIY activities. I hope it encourages readers (especially here in the Philippines) to unleash their inner creativity, just as I was inspired from reading other blogs. =)

Here's some projects I'm excited to try out:

use masking tape to make an ordinary painting more interesting

another version of a canvass painting which uses masking tape

cut scrapbook or gift wrapping paper into shapes for instant art

or make a gorgeous decoupage tree out of paper

use left-over fabric to make buntings for your child's room

fabric embroidery hoops
via Lexis Works

fabric wall art
via Crafts n' Coffee

add some design to plain roller shades by painting or stenciling them

Will keep you updated once I've done some of these projects! =)

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