Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sun, Sea, Sand in Sydney

We also checked out the famous beaches and coasts around the city. The views and scenery in these places were so beautiful and breathtaking, I had to pinch myself sometimes to check if I was really there.

We went to the famous Bondi Beach on a Sunday afternoon. There were many people just lounging around, playing beach volleyball, and even sunbathing - in the freezing cold mind you! I guess they're just used to the weather there. The whole walkway on one side was filled with cool graffiti on the walls, which provided an excellent backdrop for photo taking.

We tried to do the Tamarama Walk, wherein you walk to 3 different beaches starting from Bondi. FAIL! I don't think we even got past Bondi beach haha! After an hour or more (mostly this was due to stopping at every point to take pictures) we figured we'd probably just see the same view but from different angles. But they were SPECTACULAR views! And we already had so many good shots hehe. So we just headed back for happy hour. =)

We took the ferry from Circular Quay to get to Manly. What I enjoyed here were the stores along the famous Corso, which is the street heading to the beach. They had shops like Cotton On, Rip Curl, Billabong, Sportsgirl, and many more.

Again, we took the ferry to Watson's Bay. The main attraction here is The Gap, which shows these amazing cliffs. Apparently, a lot of people commit suicide here. We also went all the way to the top which showed a great view of Watson's Bay and even the city.

For lunch, we ate at the famous Doyles. There are actually 2 Doyles in Watson's Bay. One a sit down restaurant and one for takeaway. Good thing our friend warned us about this since the same fish and chips costs $40 in the sit down resto and just $14 at the takeaway! Of course, we just ate in the park, but with such beautiful surroundings, who's complaining? =)

More from my trip in the coming posts! =)

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