Monday, September 3, 2012

Miley is (semi) potty trained!

I'm so excited! At 2.5 years old, Miley now tells us when she wants to go wee wee. I don't know exactly how it happened, but it did! Can you tell how happy I am? =)

We started trying to potty train her at about 1 year old. We bought her a baby toilet seat and a potty chair but it didn't work out since she didn't want to sit in it. We started again when she turned 2. We would take off her diapers and make her wear a regular panty during the day, but this ended up in countless accidents on the floor and the bed. She'd say "wee wee" but after she already did the deed (with matching guilty face).

Lately, she understood the concept more. She knew not to pee on the bed. If she was lying or sitting on the bed without a diaper, she'd go down on the floor to do her thing. It was a hassle cleaning the mess after, but at least we were getting there.

We'd try to make her sit on the toilet but she would just be stubborn and say "NO!" What she would do sometimes was wait until her bath time, then she would pee in the shower! Or sometimes, right after we put on a diaper. Always, I would tell her "Miley, please tell mommy (or daddy) if you want to make wee wee in the bathroom ok?"

I don't know when was the turning point, but just last week she did it! She said "Wee wee! Want to make wee wee!" I rushed her to the toilet and she went just like that. I can't believe it! She still wears diapers at night though, but at least less diapers in the morning! Yipeeeee!!!

Next step: potty training for doing number 2! ;p

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