Friday, September 28, 2012

S&R Members' Treat Sale

The S&R members' sale is happening now in all branches, starting last Wednesday (Sept. 26) up to this Sunday (Sept. 30).

Those who have been to an S&R sale will know how crazy these things can get. People really but A LOT of stuff since there's a lot of buy 1 take 1 deals and discounts of up to 50% off. Panic buying galore. During the last sale I went to, we were able to go in but spent more than 2 hours just waiting in line to pay. Actually, the trick is to have someone already fall in line the moment you get in, then just take turns going around and putting stuff in your cart. By the time you end shopping, you're probably somewhere near the cashier already. What's funny is that since you spend so much time just waiting in line, you'll end up becoming friends with the people waiting in line with you haha! There was this one lady before who was alone and she was behind us in line. So she kept asking us to look after her stuff while she went around. After a while, we were making chika already and she was telling us about her life story haha!

Anyway, this time, we tried going on the first day after lunch at the Aseana-Baclaran branch (right beside the DFA). We figured that time would be ok since it was a weekday and we must have avoided the opening rush already.

Ummm, not good. There was a super LONG line of people just waiting to get in. I wasn't able to get a really good shot since I just took these pics from the car, but the line snaked all the way from the side of the building up to the parking lot (which you see in the pic below). The S&R sale is really good and worth it, but no way was I standing in line under the sun for hours just to get in.

I doubt if I'll still be able to check the sale out but hopefully, you guys will have better luck than me. =)

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