Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bubble Guppies

Remember Miley's addiction to Baby Einstein and the movie Despicable Me? Well, she has a new favorite nowadays and it's the Nickelodeon show Bubble Guppies!
I found this cartoon so cute the first time I saw it (in fact, it's the type of show I would have loved watching when I was a kid). Miley liked it too but she was more interested in Dora and Diego then. I think the turning point was when we watched the Bubble Guppies movie which featured fairytale characters and a witch who wanted to turn everyone into frogs. After that, Miley was hooked. Well, her lolo downloaded the entire series online, so we've been watching all the episodes over and over again.

I know, I know, kids shouldn't watch too much TV. But I think if you watch together with your kids and turn it into an learning experience, then it's fine. What I love about this show (aside from how cute the Bubble Guppies look) is that the story telling is very educational in a fun and interesting way. Miley has learned a lot of new things and it has encouraged her to be more imaginative as well. She loves acting out the different situations and she actually sounds like a Bubble Guppy herself haha! Plus, they have the catchiest songs! Me and Miley can't help but sing along and dance to the music. Her favorite character is Molly (the pink haired girl). She loves saying the line "Hi, it's me Molly!" probably because her name Miley sounds like it haha!

the Bubble Guppies at school with their teacher, Mr. Grouper

We've seen all the episodes but I never get bored repeating any of it. If Miley still likes this show by the time she turns 3, then I can already picture the theme of her next party: an underwater Bubble Guppies Fin-tastical Adventure! =)

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