Friday, January 27, 2012


Had a playdate with some of my high school friends a couple of days ago. It was super fun seeing the kids interact with each other, and of course to catch up with what everyone's been doing!

It was a potluck merienda and everyone made what they brought... except me! Can you guess my contribution? I just ordered from Brooklyn Pizza haha! I really should learn how to cook already! =)
all the girls wanted to hug Sabe! naks chickboy! ;p
Vins = one of the girls

Miley had the most FUN time. She and her playmate had this love-hate relationship wherein one minute they'd be playing together, then the next minute they'd be fighting over toys! I can just imagine when Sabe is Miley's age haha!

Anyway, tomorrow is Miley's toddler class and I seriously can't wait! I hope she has as much fun as she did during this playdate! =)

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