Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bohol Trip: Countryside Tour

We went on the countryside tour on our 2nd day in Bohol. We got the services of Tatsky, a highly recommended tour guide from the forums I regularly visit. The tour actually consisted of 12 spots but since we were with the 2 kids, I just asked if we could choose which areas we wanted to visit. I didn't think it would be ideal for us to go to the other spots like the hanging bridge or the Hinagdanan Cave anymore (next time na lang if ever we do go back). Also, Vins and my in-laws had already been on this tour before. What I really wanted to see were the Chocolate Hills and the tarsiers anyway.

We started the tour at about 8:30am and ended at around 3pm. By the time we were headed back to the resort, both Miley and Sabe were already crying and screaming hysterically from staying too long in the car! I guess we would have really maximized the tour if we weren't with the babies (I was actually interested in taking the seaside tour as well). But at least we have these wonderful photos to look back on and show the kids when they get older. =)

mandatory jumping shot at the man made forest taken by our tour driver Ryan =)
Vins tried taking the same pic of me with the broom but EPIC FAIL! lahat bitin! I must have jumped more than 20 times!
Loboc River Cruise
Miley was the one who picked out her outfit. I was making her wear a normal shirt but she kept saying "ayaw don't like!" When I put this halter dress on her, ok na. Hmm wala pang 2 years old yan ha! ;p And as for the Christmas balls she's holding, she actually refused to leave the boat without taking one, so we now have the pink one as a souvenir. =)
Baclayon Church

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