Sunday, January 29, 2012

Miley's 1st playschool experience

Yesterday, we went to Toddlers Unlimited in Makati for Miley's very first time in playschool. And what a fun day it was!

Miley was assigned to the yellow classroom

Miley was a bit shy when we got there. She didn't want to let go of me at first, but after a while, we were able to quietly sneak outside the classroom when she was busy playing. She cried for a bit when she realized we were gone, so I had to go back inside. =)

singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

After some activities inside the classroom, everyone was brought out to the Romp Area. According to their website, Romp Play Time is an important part of the day that is designed to get children involved in games or activities that help them develop their gross motor skills.

Miley super enjoyed the slide
playing basketball
playing house
all the parents watching and taking pictures (parang zoo haha!)

Miley had so much fun during the Romp Play Time that we were able to stay outside while she interacted and played with the other kids and the teachers. She would sometimes look for us, then we'd duck behind the wall so she wouldn't see us and start crying.

After Romp Play Time, the kids were all brought back to the classroom for snacks. We actually forgot to bring Miley's favorite Sumo cookies so Vins had to rush out and buy some at 7-Eleven! haha!

After snacks, while the teacher was reading a book, Miley went to the back to try on some clothes (mana talaga sa mommy).

showing teacher her outfit and hat

It was so funny, I was the one who was so excited and nervous that it felt like it was my first day of school! Gosh, I wonder how I'll be when it's time for Miley to go to real school already? Anyway, I loved the fact that Miley was able to adjust so well. She only cried a little, but then she'd be okay when the teacher would come and comfort her. We had so much fun that we're considering enrolling her in more classes.

Btw, this class was c/o the voucher I got from CashCashPinoy and there was no problem whatsoever in claiming it. I just called ahead for reservation and that was it. =)

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