Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My poor sick kids (part 1)

I’ve been so harassed this past week since both kids and me got sick! It started with Miley getting on and off fever. Then Sabe got it too! Now, both kids are okay so I can finally write about what happened. Anyway, here’s a timeline of our crazy, stress-filled week (and to think this is just the start of the year!)

Day 1 (Sunday) – Miley seemed a bit hot during the evening. She had been having on and off fever for the past few days but nothing serious (she was still very active and playful). That night, she threw up after crying. My mom was concerned (it might be dengue daw). We gave her Tempra and just monitored her fever.

Day 2 (Monday) – Even Sabe got fever already.  We decided to bring both kids to the pedia. After getting them checked, the doctor said that both their throats looked a bit swollen and it was just a bug (especially with all the activities from the Christmas season). And since Sabe got fever too, it seemed he just got the virus from Miley. I relayed my mom’s concern that it might be dengue, so the doctor said to have a blood test done for Miley if fever was still there after 3 days.  Miley was also started on antibiotics.

Day 3 (Tuesday) – Miley seemed so much better so we had her stay at my in-laws since Sabre still had slight fever and even I got sick as well (I didn’t want her to have a relapse).

Day 4 (Wednesday) - Sabe’s fever was about 38C the whole day and didn’t go away.  He was also matamlay and basically looked weak and just kept sleeping. To top it all off, my mother-in-law texted that Miley had slight fever again and was a bit matamlay. I was so worried at this point because a million things were going through my head – maybe it was dengue? could it be something more serious than a bug? I kept texting our pedia and she gave me the go signal to have blood test done for Sabe as well if fever was still there the next day.  I could barely sleep the whole night, Sabe’s head was so hot! We were putting ice compress on his head (even though he kept crying) to try to bring the fever down.

Day 5 (Thursday) -  Sabe still had fever when we woke up. Upon checking with my in-laws, they said Miley was ok already but to have blood test done on her as well to be sure. We brought both kids to Makati Med for CBC, Urinalysis, and Dengue testing. I had no idea how much this was going to cost, so I was so shocked when our bill reached P7000 for both kids! The most expensive was the dengue test at P2500 each! My gosh! I guess that’s what’s hard when magkasunod kids mo, everything is times 2! I didn’t want to think about the bill already, since we had to proceed with the blood extraction. It was so hard holding both of them down! But both of them were so brave. Miley was crying but she was also shouting “Its OK! Its OK!” Sabe also cried but immediately stopped after the needle was removed. My poor babies! 

here's a pic of Miley after her blood test :(

But can I just say, both of them immediately looked and acted better after the blood test! Miley suddenly became active, wanting to go up and down the elevators. So I guess blood test lang pala ang magpapagaling sa kanila noh? =) Haay P7000 is a huge amount but I guess no expense is too big for your child’s health right? In the end, its peace of mind you’re paying for. We also had to do a urinalysis test, but since both are still babies, we had to buy a wee patch (I think that’s what’s it’s called). It’s like a sticker with a plastic bag connected to it that you had to put on the genital area. With Sabe it was easy, we had no problem getting a sample. But it was so hard to put it on Miley! She kept resisting that I didn’t know if I was able to put it in the correct area! We kept checking and checking after but there was no pee! We even ate first in Burger King and kept making her drink water, but still no weewee! (update: we were not able to get a urine sample out of her - instead she pooped on the plastic! haha!)

Anyway, I forgot to mention that Sabe had also developed mild rashes on his tummy and a bit on his legs. We dropped by the pedia again to show her (we were thinking it might be chicken pox or measles), and she diagnosed it as hand, foot and mouth disease. This was viral daw and the rashes would increase in the next couple of days but there was nothing to be worried about.

at Makati Med with slight rashes on his face

When we got home, Miley was already ok the whole day (yey!). But little did I know it was Sabe I should be worried about...

to be continued...

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