Sunday, January 15, 2012

My kids' 1st airplane ride!

Just got back yesterday from a super fun 4 day trip to Bohol. The trip was an impromptu one, as Vins suddenly got a few days off from work. Anyway, what was also so great about this trip was that it was the first time for both Miley and Sabe to ride an airplane! I guess I've sort of had this fear of traveling with the kids since I know how hyper and active they both are. Also, before I became a mom, I've always hated riding in airplanes with babies who cry loudly or toddlers who kick the back of your seat. I'd get so annoyed if I was seated near them since I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep or watch my movie in peace. But now, I've become more understanding since I know how hard it is to keep them still haha! ;p

Sabe's excited for his first airplane ride! Thank God his Roseola cleared up just in time for this trip!
with yaya
Miley got so excited when she saw the airplanes. She kept waving to them and saying "bye airplane!"
so amazed with the plane, she couldn't even be bothered to look at the camera ;p
listening intently to Daddy explain the safety procedures
Sabe was asleep the whole time! Here he is with his Mama and Lolo on the opposite row (since we were told we can't have both babies seated side by side)
Here's Miley doing the "zoom zoom" action of the airplane
Wearing Daddy's shades. If you look closely, her shirt says LITTLE PILOT hehe!

someone's getting a bit restless already! at this point she kept wanting to open all the tray tables...
and lying down on them! planking ba kamo? hahaha!
picture at the cockpit! but poor Sabe, ulo lang nakita haha!

Overall, the airplane ride exceeded all my expectations! My fear was that they'd both be crying and screaming once the plane took off or if they felt pressure on their ears. But Miley was so excited the whole time even when we took off and landed and the sound of the engine became really loud! She kept looking out the window and waving to the clouds and to the mountains! There was a time she was touching her ears, so I guess that's when she felt the pressure. But we just asked her "what did the fish say?" and then she did her thing when she opens and closes her mouth to help pop her ears. As for Sabe, he fell asleep right before we took off and woke up after we landed! I guess the timing was just perfect plus it was just a short flight. The ride going home was also good, there was just times when they'd be a bit restless but we'd just keep them entertained with snacks, toys and books (the in-flight magazine had a feature on Africa and Miley loved pointing at all the animals). If I knew how behaved they both would be, I would have probably taken them on trips sooner!

Anyways, I have a TON of pictures from the trip so watch out for them in the coming posts. =)

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