Saturday, January 21, 2012

Officially hooked on Group Buying Sites!

I've actually just recently joined the bandwagon and started signing up to a number of group buying sites like MetroDeal, DealGrocer, Groupon and so on. It started when I saw this ad in Facebook for a 3D/2N trip to Palawan. I clicked on the link (I didn't buy the trip btw) and discovered so much more offers and discounts! Now this is the start of my new addiction!

I was like a maniac last night, clicking on so many packages for trips, beauty, food, fashion (I think I had about 20 tabs opened) and comparing which was the best deal. I was getting a headache already trying to control myself from buying on a whim (seeing the time left to buy was giving me panic attacks!).

After careful consideration, I finally bought my first ever deal from CashCashPinoy! I was really looking for a photobooth for Sabe's 1st birthday party this April. After checking other deals, CashCashPinoy offered the best one at P3500 for 3 hours! It was so easy buying the voucher, I just hope I don't encounter any problems during redemption. I'll be sure to make a review after. =)

 Just now, I also bought another voucher for 1 Toddler Class at Toddlers Unlimited. In my post here, I was debating whether or not to enroll Miley in playschool. So when I saw this deal, it was just perfect since it was just for 1 class so we can see if Miley will like it or not. At least there's no pressure unlike if we already enroll her for a full course. We're planning to try this one next week so I'll also be sure to write about our experience there.

Now, I'm itching to buy this deal for a hair makeover - only P1,500 instead of 3,200 for expert hair services from Creations Salon in G5 including haircut, hair color and treatment! I also saw this other deal for just P750 at another site but the salon was somewhere in Pioneer, Mandaluyong. I'm thinking I should just get the more expensive one since the salon is more conveniently located to me and the salon looks nicer haha. I still have today to decide so we'll see. Anyway, I just need to practice self-control before I end up maxing out my credit card on so many irresistible deals! =)

Update: I did end up buying the hair makeover deal! Haha!

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