Monday, January 2, 2012

My 12 resolutions for 2012

Every new year, I make a mental list of resolutions that I soon forget about. This 2012, I hope I can at least follow through with most of them. So here goes:

1. Learn how to drive - My ULTIMATE resolution for 2012! I've completed 2 sessions of driving school years before (one manual (epic fail!), one automatic) but never got around to really practicing on the road. I super suck at parking kasi! Now, I'm starting to relearn driving just around the village with Vins' help. Hopefully, I can take the car out for a spin really soon (after I get my license renewed, which is another resolution!).

2. Learn how to cook - my goal is to surprise Vins with a complete homemade meal!

3. Travel more and with the kids - I want to take the kids on their first out of the country trip this year (either Singapore or Hong Kong)

4. Stop hoarding and start throwing out stuff I don't need and know I won't use around the house (clutter is the enemy!!!)

5. Stop BUYING stuff I don't need and know I won't use around the house (and in my closet) 

6. Finish decorating and organizing the house

7. Say YES more often when friends invite me out 

8. Say YES to trying out new things

9. Read more (currently, I have yet to finish Game of Thrones Book 4: A Feast for Crows)

10. Start working out and running more (also hopefully join a fun run later this year)

11. Try to go back to work (maybe? but only if hours are flexible and if near where we live haha)

12. Have fun and make the most out of everyday! 

There, those are my 12 resolutions for 2012. Just keeping it real by not doing a super long list which I know I can't fulfill. So wish me luck and here's to wishing that 2012 will bring more joy, love and blessings to everyone!

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