Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bataan Trip: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

After Christmas, Vins' family on his father's side usually plans an out of town trip with the whole family. We usually can't make it because Vins has work or some other reason, but good thing we were able to join this time (and with the kids too). So last December 27-28, the whole family headed up north to Bataan. I had honestly no idea where we were going. It was Vins' tita who planned the trip and all I knew is that we were going to the beach. Well, I really didn't care where we were going, I just wanted to go and get out of the house and have a vacation haha!

We left the house at around 7:30am and the trip took about 3.5 hours long (not including our quick breakfast at the gas station and our stop-over at Mt. Samat). When we finally arrived, the first thing I saw were these stone gates manned by guardia sibils, giving you an impression that you are stepping back in time. I kept saying "Wow, this is really where we're staying?! I though we were just going to a normal beach resort!" I was in awe the minute I stepped food inside the place. It was like entering a time warp. Once inside the compound, we were greeted by old Spanish-era houses that look like they were frozen in time. I was like a kid giddy with excitement! I mean, I'm not into history but the place was GORGEOUS! I was thinking, if I knew about this place then, we could have had our pre-nup pictorial here. Super nice photo-ops!!! Well, pwede naman post-nup right? haha!

We lad lunch first at the cafe where they served (what else) Filipino food, checked-in at 2pm, and then joined the walking heritage tour at 4:30pm (they also have tours wherein you ride the kalesa). We were informed that the houses were restored and rebuilt to their current splendor here in Bataan after being dismantled as abandoned houses. Some of the houses still have their original parts. The owner, Mr. Acuzar, apparently has a hobby of collecting and buying old houses and then reconstructing it (whatta hobby!). Well, kudos to him for his efforts to preserve the Philippine ancestral homes for future generations. I mean, I never even knew that this place existed here in the Philippines! Aside from the ambiance, the surrounding mountains and beach also added to the beauty of this amazing place. 

I'll just stop rambling and let you enjoy some of the super duper many photos I took so you can see this place for yourselves.

the stone gates where you enter
cobble-stoned pathways
one of the more than twenty old houses transported from all over the country to Bagac, Bataan... piece by piece!
old mailbox
where we had lunch
someone's getting bored while waiting for the food...
nice interiors
dragging Daddy out to play
the plaza
lots of these metal sculptures scattered all around the compound
watching the fountain
this strip is a replica of the typical Escolta buildings in Manila during the early 1900's
even the staff were dressed up like they were from the past
beautiful bridge going to the beach
they set up the buffet dinner in the center of the plaza
there was a stage there and Miley kept dancing on it!
this is the cultural show that happened during dinner (which I missed since Sabre kept crying and I had to bring him back to the room)

I wish we could have stayed longer but I'm still so thankful that I was able to visit this hidden gem of a place. Our family had so much fun just relaxing and enjoying the place. The amenities and facilities were good (the home were we stayed and the pool area were both beautiful!), the service was nice (very accommodating staff), the food was yummy (buffet breakfast is inclusive). There were quite a number of people and families there as well during our stay there (some for the day trip only). But definitely, this unique "living museum" resort is a place more people should come and see!

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