Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bohol Trip: Beach Time!

Our Bohol trip was an impromptu one since Vins suddenly got a few days off from work. This was probably the least amount of time I spent in planning a trip (just 2 weeks!). At first, we were supposed to go to Boracay but then we decided that Bohol would be better since we were with the kids. And it was a good decision since Bohol is definitely more chill than Bora. It was my first time here and we just had so much fun relaxing and bonding with the kids.

We stayed at Alona Tropical and although I think they definitely had the best beachfront, I don't think we'll be staying there again if ever we do come back. That's because I had booked a pooside suite but when we got there, they said that our room had some maintenance problems so they were "upgrading" us to a beachfront suite instead for 1 night (which was more expensive than our room). Ok great! Except that the room was so small (we were 5 adults and 2 kids). The original room I had booked had 2 queen sized beds, but the room they gave us just had 1 queen sized and 1 single bed. I complained about this and they gave us an extra mattress for free. Then, the bathroom was also so small and looked old (and the toilet flush would sometimes not work). We had a sterilizer with us and when we asked if they had a transformer we could borrow (110 kasi), they said they didn't have any. We just asked if they had an electric kettle we could use to boil water. Wala din daw. So we had the bottles sterilized at the kitchen and then they said they would charge us P100. Ok fine. Then the last straw was there was a wedding during the evening and the band was directly below us. So we enjoyed super LOUD music the whole night.

When we were finally brought to our real room the next day, we were surprised to see that it was so much bigger, the bathroom was larger and nicer, AND they had an electric kettle! The thing is, I would have been fine if our original room more or less looked the same with the beachfront suite. But it seemed we were DOWNGRADED instead of upgraded! We complained about this and the reception said they wouldn't be charging our extra person anymore plus the sterilizing fee. Whatever! Dapat free na un first night!

Anyway, enough about the ranting. That was just a small part of our trip and I'm glad to say we still had a fabulous time. Here are some snippets from our wonderful time at the gorgeous beach of Bohol. =)

Miley kept saying "So much fun!" =)
Daddy found so many starfish!
Sabe's first time to swim at the beach!
he ate a lot of sand haha!
Miley loved the pool especially the jacuzzi!
matching outfits!
Miley was giving the starfish to me (Vins made her do it since I didn't want to touch it!)
love <3

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