Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bataan Trip: Swimming Time!

The weather was great when we went to Las Casas in Bataan - super cool and windy! It was already too cold to swim on the afternoon of the first day we got there (Miley just swam in the bathtub) so we just woke up early the next day at around 7am. We also went to the beach but just played around in the sand. =)

7am in the morning and the water was COLD! But Miley didn't care, she wanted to dive right in!
huge batis style pool. this part was just shallow, perfect for kids!
splash! splash!
behind the pool on the left side (see those white chairs) is where they were serving breakfast
view of the mountains from the pool. WOW!
view of the beach from the pool
what a gorgeous spot for photos and sunbathing
no way was I going in the cold water so I was just the photographer for the day
its now Sabe's turn to swim!
this is his first time in a pool! feeling the water first...
he loves his rock
tama na daw picture taking, swimming na!
wheeee! Sabe loves the water too!
after swim snack
Miley's too cool for her shades!
she didn't want to take them off! she was probably intrigued with the way everything looked pink!
cool dudes. of course Sabe had shades too!
crossing the bridge to get to the beach
super windy!
sorry for Sabe's pambahay outfit, he just woke up haha!
I kept asking Vins to take the stupid beach towel off his neck! scarf ba kamo?!
Miley hated the yucky sand on her toes
Sabe hated it even more!
beautiful day

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  1. nice nice Sis! Hope to visit this place in the near future...maybe after our Vigan tour this Jan 21-23, 2012 he he he

    your n@w sis,

    Marie ni Paul
    Janelle at 6
    Endren at 2



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