Thursday, May 3, 2012

Swimming: then & now

Took the kids to The Palms since all they want to do these days is go swimming. After reviewing the pics, I realized some of them looked so familiar to the photos we took of Miley's first time in the pool! Check them out:

THEN: Miley in 2010 - not enjoying being placed in the inflatable airplane at all
NOW: Sabe in 2012 - a little fussy at first too

THEN: Miley in 2010 - finally had fun after some splish-splashing with Daddy
NOW: Sabe in 2012 - he's actually laughing in this photo =)
NOW: Miley in 2012 - wheeeeeee!!!

Cool right? Now if ever we have another baby, we have to recreate these shots haha! =)

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