Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blue Leaf wedding

We attended the wedding of Vins' cousin last week, where the reception was held in Blue Leaf. Our reception was also held there so it was nice to come back and relive our wedding memories haha!

gorgeous floral and grapes centerpieces which the guests got to take home

Here's a super jologs moment that happened to us. When we sat at our table, there were already gold plates set down there. I was thinking "wow sosyal, gold plates!" Vins got cocktails for everyone, so my brother-in-law and I placed some on our gold plates and ate from there. Un pala, they were NOT dinner plates but sort of placemats that you put your actual plates on top of! Duh! Upon closer inspection, we realized the gold plates were kinda dirty pa. Hahaha sorry ang jeje namin! Ooops! ;p

I'm glad they were able to serve their cake to the guests, unlike us. After our wedding, we ended up distributing the cake to relatives as take-home. Most of the cake still went home with us and we didn't know what to do with it after weeks of sitting in the kitchen. Sayang lang.
Host Max Tiu. I was impressed when he started singing broadway songs during dinner! Emcee na, performer pa! Multi-tasker! ;p
Woohoo! This was the same mobile bar that we got during our wedding (which I wasn't able to experience during that time at all), so I was finally able to enjoy some shots hehe !

I really love weddings! I have 3 more (so far) coming up this year, so cheers to love, life and happiness! =)

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