Sunday, May 27, 2012

Laiya Coco Grove

We took a quick overnight trip last week to Laiya, Batangas. It was such a last minute decision that I barely had enough time to look for a decent place to stay since the rest of the resorts were either fully booked or weren't answering my inquiries. We finally decided to go with Laiya Coco Grove after a hassle free reservation, even though I had my doubts from the reviews I read online.

The resort was huge and sprawling, although it definitely had more cons than pros. We originally wanted to stay in the treehouse accommodation pictured below, but decided against it since the two kids might fall from the stairs.

We were then given a poolside room, but the cottage was actually quite far from the pool. The room itself was just okay. We all fit comfortably inside but you could tell it was kind of old already (I didn't even bother to take pictures, just check their website if you're interested). The cottage had 2 bathrooms but one of the sinks weren't working. The room had a TV, but only 1 working channel! It would have been great if the channel was ABS-CBN or even GMA, but it was some kind of Asian channel that was in Chinese half the time! They said they had cable but apparently they needed to buy load to get it working?!

The pool looked great in the website but the water looked dirty to me. The attendant said they had just put chlorine that's why the water wasn't that clear. Well, it was a shame since we really looked for a resort that had a pool for the kids so I would have wanted it to be much nicer.

They had a beach right in front of the resort but the sand was brown and the water was muddy. Apparently, they have a shuttle that would take you to their white beach a couple of minutes away.

The brown beach.
The shuttle. 1st time of Miley and Sabe to ride a jeep!
The white beach which we practically had all to ourselves! =)

The pros? The buffet meals included in the package were good. They also had wi-fi but in the dining area only.

They also had a trampoline for adults and kids that we enjoyed. Vins was actually scared that Miley might hurt herself in the trampoline but she proved us wrong when she bravely went inside and started jumping!

Miley in the trampoline!

The kids also had so much fun playing and swimming in the beach. They didn't want to leave!

picking flowers
sunburnt toes

If ever we take another trip to Batangas, I would definitely choose another resort. But we still had fun and I'm very thankful for the quality time we were able to spend as a family. =)

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