Monday, May 14, 2012

Papa John's Unli Pizza

Finally got to try the Unli Pizza promo of Papa John's which they have every Tuesday. We got there before 6pm but the place was packed already. When I asked for a table, they said I was first on the waiting list which meant we would probably be seated on the next batch at around 7pm. Ok fine, we decided to just come back, but as we were about to leave, the girl called us back saying they now had a free table! Yey, just our luck! We were then led to a makeshift table with monoblock chairs, which I completely understand since they probably want to maximize the space and the crowd. It was just a little uncomfortable since you were so close to the other tables that there was barely enough space to move, plus it was so noisy! Well, what can you expect?

the place was so full!

Anyway, at exactly 6pm all the pizzas started coming out. They distribute it per flavor so you don't really have a choice. First was the pepperoni pizza. They gave us 2 slices each. Oh, and you have to finish the entire pizza including the crust for them to give you another slice of the next flavor.

Beef and Onion
Garden Special

I was able to eat 6 slices and Vins ate 10! After, we were so full that we swore we wouldn't be able to eat pizza for at least a month (but now, I actually want to eat pizza again just looking at the photos ;p)!

last slice! you can do it!
my mom & sister cannot eat another bite!

Anyway, I believe this promo is running until July 24. So if you're feeling up to it, head over to Papa John's tomorrow and stuff yourself full. Just make sure to get there early (and hungry). ;p

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