Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sabe's cake smash part 2

Here's another cake smash session we did after Sabe's birthday. As usual, we weren't able to serve the cake to the guests during the party since the candle blowing was done at the end of the program and after that, people started to go home. But this time, I was ok with it since I wanted to bring the cake home for this photoshoot with Sabe. The cake was covered entirely in fondant so Sabe coudn't really smash it (actually, I don't think he even made a dent in it). He just kept wanting to get the ball on top hehe. Besides, I couldn't really bring myself to help him break the cake since it looked soooo nice!
Supplier ratings from the party coming soon I promise! ;p

1 comment:

  1. Looking forward na to the suppliers ratings dear. And the pics as well. =)



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