Thursday, May 24, 2012

DIY Party Giveaway Packaging

I just want to share an easy way to package your party giveaways which I did for Sabe's 1st birthday. If you remember from my supplier ratings, I bought these assorted balls in Divisoria to fit the sports theme of the party.

I knew I wanted to package them in a way that they could be seen since they looked so visually appealing on display. I didn't want to stuff them in the usual generic plastic or paper goody bag, soooo... I had an idea to use Ziploc!

I also wanted to further personalize the giveaways so I made these labels and printed them on cardboard paper...

then just fold the labels in half and staple them on both ends of the Ziploc bag...

And viola! Instant party giveaway that is perfectly easy to assemble and completely customized for your party.

1 comment:

  1. hi sis! I am not good at DIY but would appreciate if you can share how you were able to do the labels for the give aways.. Thank you!



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