Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wedding outfit: Mix & Match

When I get invited to formal events like weddings, I rarely go out and buy a new dress since I'll probably just end up using it once. What I do is search my closet for separates that I can put together to create an outfit, with pieces I can use again on different occasions.

Take for example this outfit I wore to a wedding last week. The asymmetrical skirt which I got in Singapore is actually a casual piece that I wear to the mall with a tank top and slippers. The top is also something I bought when I was still working for that "day to night" look. The top is kinda long so I can wear it with leggings and a blazer during the day, then I'll take off the blazer at night for gimmicks with friends. Since both the skirt and the top are made of the same chiffon material (plus the colors look really yummy together), I think it works well as a more formal look. I then topped it off with a black belt for some contrast, nude heels, and a red floral clutch for that pop of color.

So the next time you have an event to go to, try looking first in your closet. You might actually find something worth wearing just by mixing and matching pieces. You get to save money as well! Like I mentioned in my last post, I have 3 more weddings to go to this year. So good luck to finding more outfits to wear! ;p

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