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Health Tips for Busy Moms

Reposting this article I read recently since it is so TRUE and very helpful for all mothers out there. I myself am guilty of most of these things below and I need to constantly remind myself that while being a mom is the most important thing, I need to take care of myself too. So take the time to read through each tip and hopefully be able to apply one (or all!) of them in your lives. =)


MOTHERHOOD – arguably the most challenging, stressful, fulfilling, frustrating, thankless, glorious and important job in the world! And like any other job, a mom needs to be in top shape to give the best to her work. So along with looking after the well-being of everyone else in the family, don’t forget to ensure that you are healthy and happy as well.

1. Make yourself a priority.
You’ve probably heard this repeated a lot. And yet most moms continue to keep putting themselves last on their to-do lists. Be it relaxing, eating, exercising or socialising, it’s important to make time for yourself. After all, only when you’re physically and mentally healthy can you give your best to your family.

2. Exercising tips.
Regular exercise is important, there’s no argument there. However taking the time to exercise can be difficult for a busy mom.
(i) One tip is to set a specific, achievable goal for yourself. For instance, you may decide that you want to walk for half-an-hour 4 times a week. Now you have a set goal that’s also very achievable.
(ii) Another tip is to exercise whilst doing something else. (All you multi-tasking moms will like this!)  So if you’ve taken your child for a karate class, don’t just wait in the lobby. Use this half an hour to take a power walk in the street or in a park close by.

3. Food and you.
Most moms have a less-than-ideal relationship with food and with all that effort they put into feeding their kids, they either eat too little or too much.
(i) One rule you absolutely must follow is to never finish up the food your child has left. Eating the food left over on your child’s plate is a very common phenomenon and this leads to the mom eating double and gaining unnecessary weight.
(ii) Mornings are an especially busy time with breakfast being cooked and lunch boxes being packed and often mothers end up skipping breakfast themselves. Make sure you sit down and eat a healthy breakfast; you could even pack it and carry it to work if that’s easier, but do not miss breakfast.
(iii) When it’s time to feed your child dinner at the end of a long day, it’s a good idea to finish your meal first. Trying to feed a fussy child on an empty stomach will only make you irritable and impatient. Eat first and you’ll find you’re way more patient and energetic to tackle any challenges the dining table may throw up.

4. Sleep time.
Just because you’re a mother now doesn’t mean you need less than 6-8 hours of sleep every night. Prioritise and cut out some activities if you must, just do whatever it takes to get the required amount of sleep.

5. Moms and stress.
Stress is inevitable, but there are ways you can minimise it.
(i) One tip is to keep expectations reasonable. Your child comes with his or her own set of talents and strengths. Do not expect unreasonable feats from your kids.
(ii) Never compare your kids with others. It doesn’t matter if your sister-in-law’s daughter started walking 17 days before your own! Your child has qualities that she doesn’t and it’s best not to get into any comparisons.
(iii) Quit the guilt. It’s OK to make mistakes. Everybody does! Don’t waste precious moments with your child feeling guilty about what you did or didn’t do. Just do the best you can and shower your kids with love.

6. Ask for help.
They say it takes a village to raise a child. What that means is that you cannot do it solely on your own, and there’s no shame in getting help. Involve your husband, your mother, your neighbour, your nanny; nobody will think any less of you and you will be a happier, healthier woman through it all.

7. The supermom myth.
Any mom will tell you – you cannot do everything. So stop worrying about trying to bring up children, while keeping a perfect house, having a successful career, looking like a supermodel, cooking like a pro and doing everything you used to before you had your child. It’s OK to have that pile of newspapers in the corner. You’ll get to it when you can.

8. Take a break from being a mom.
Every once in a while it’s essential to take a break from kids and diapers and school admissions and homework. Call up a friend or go out and have an adult conversation. Discuss politics or fashion or indulge in a good old gossip session. You’ll feel rejuvenated and look forward to going back home to the kids.

9. Physical pampering is important.
A day at the spa or beauty salon does a lot to revive a tired mom’s spirits. You get a break, look better and it takes your mind off the stress of parenting.

10. Enjoy motherhood.
It’s a great time full of challenges and triumphs and the most important thing is to enjoy it. All moms will tell you that it goes by really fast and when you look back at this time, you should remember all the laugher and fun you had.

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