Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sabe’s All-Star 1st birthday party: Supplier Ratings (part 2)

Here's the continuation of my supplier ratings:

Rating: 4

I originally wanted to book Chayno but he already had a tentative booking. After searching online, I came across Butch Gonzales who had positive reviews. I booked him through Jacque of Partyboosters. His package consisted of the following: hosting, balloon twisting, magic show, ventri act and sound system.

Now, I would have given him a 5 but I have very high expectations coming from Miley’s party which was hosted by Jiggles the Balloon Lady. Butch spoke good English and was able to entertain the kids with his games and show. I also asked Jacque if she could tell Butch to come in a sporty attire which matched my theme and he followed through. But I just felt that Jiggles was definitely more engaging, interactive and had more stage presence. Her show was better, her games were more fun. We had way more guests then but she completely commanded the whole room. After the party, everyone was raving about her! Now, even our yaya said that she found Butch “corny” (naks ang taas ng standards! ;p) Plus, he also did a balloon show but of course compared to Jiggles, parang amateur lang tuloy siya. I wasn’t around for most of his show since I was busy entertaining but looking at the photos, it seems the kids enjoyed naman. 

Photographer: WARREN CAMITAN
Rating: 5

I found Warren through N@W and decided to book him after reading many good reviews and seeing some samples of his work. I got the labor only package which comes with free 25 pcs 4R prints. Warren is a quiet guy but very organized. He was there on time and was able to shoot some family portraits of us before the party. He was also very patient with the kids because it was so hard to make them sit still and smile for the camera. I also asked him if we could go around and have a picture per table and he was able to do this in a very orderly fashion. Plus, I got the pictures exactly 2 weeks after the party just like what we agreed on, which he sent through LBC. 

Photobooth:  FOTOSTYLE
Rating: 3.5

I got this from a Cash Cash Pinoy deal at just P3500 for 3 hours.

Mobile Studio Photobooth Package Inclusions
·         Personalized photo lay out
·         Unlimited prints in 4R for three hours (30mins. stop time not included)
·         High resolution soft copy in DVD CD
·         Props for the pictorial
·         With two onsite technician
·         Personalized or fabric background

However, it was a week before the party and they still hadn’t sent the photo and tarp layout. I kept emailing and texting them but no reply. Finally, they said they’ll send the layouts on Wednesday (party was on Sunday). They sent it Thursday and I didn’t like the layout they did for the photo. I just asked if I could do it myself to make it easier and faster. After that, no more hassle since they arrived on time but they used an SLR camera mounted on a tri-pod though. I would have personally preferred those booths with a screen where you could see yourself (parang photobooth talaga), but since I got this on a discount, it will do. Printed pictures were very clear and I got the CD right after the event.

Foodcarts: GASHVILLE
Rating: 5

We weren’t supposed to have foodcarts anymore but my mother-in-law insisted that she get them for Sabe. Ok, you don't have to convince me twice. =) We got ice cream, french fries and popcorn. This time, I made sure I was able to eat and they were all so yummy!

Lechon: ELARZ
Rating: 5 

ElarZ lechon has always been a staple in our parties and everybody always enjoys it.

Rating: 3 for service / 5 for output

Update: The last time I passed by their store, it was closed already. I think they moved to another location. I only have the numbers posted in their FB page and I think it's also inactive already (according to a reader who tried contacting them). Sorry to those who want to get in touch with them... :(

I knew I wanted to have matching shirts made for all of us to wear. Again, I searched online for sports jersey makers but all of them only accepted bulk orders. Luckily, my husband found this place and was able to talk them into making customized shirts for us. They usually do uniforms for teams at around P500 per set so they charged P450 per shirt since we just ordered 4 pieces. But that was fine with me since it was way cheaper than buying a generic ready made one at the mall. I tweaked a design online that I liked and they were able to copy it exactly (just like the name of their store says ;p).

this was the design I did

The only problem was that we had agreed to pick up the shirts on April 17 (party was on April 22), but they were only able to finish the shirts a day before! I think its because its summer so they had a lot of orders for team uniforms. I was already panicking and had a back-up outfit for Sabe just in case we weren't able to get the shirts on time. If not for this delay, I would have given them a perfect score since I was very happy with how the shirts came out and we got lots of compliments on our outfits.

the shirts were made of dri-fit material and I like how the names and number were sewn/embroidered and not just ironed on

Haay it was so hard to make the kids smile! Parang di naman sila masyadong enjoy sa picture na to noh? They're at this phase where they don't like strangers kasi so kinda suspicious sila kay Warren haha!

last part of my supplier ratings coming up...


  1. Hi do you have contact number of wear else exacto? I saw them on facebook but all numbers posted are not active...

    And saan located ang wear else exacto customized apparel?
    Thank you!:)

  2. HI! Ano po name at saan pwede ma contact yung food carts? Reasonable naman ba price nila? Thanks : )

    1. Gash Ville food carts un name. Sorry I don't have the contact number since it was my MIL who booked them. Maybe you can try searching for them online na lang. :)

  3. I just saw this now when "suggested" that I click it(so super late na itong reply). My cousin Denden also got GashVille for my nephew's 1st birthday:

    122 Legaspi St. Proj.4, 1109 Quezon City



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