Monday, January 28, 2013

Flower Power

I would love to have fresh blooms in my house all year long. But since they're expensive and hard to maintain, faux ones will have to do. Besides, I think artificial flowers nowadays look so real and pretty don't you think? =) I bought these long flowers at Landmark at P170 each.

My plan was to cut the stems so that the flowers will sit on top of this low vase I had. FYI, the wooden things inside are kinda like potpourri which I've had for years but never threw out. I just thought it would look nice at the bottom and add texture to the whole arrangement.

But after I cut it, it didn't seem quite right for the glass vase. If you're wondering, I didn't want to shorten it further since the individual stems would fall apart. And the damn stems wouldn't bend properly!

So, what to do when your original plans don't work? Improvise! I stuck one flower in this empty tequila bottle I had lying around and I LOVE how it turned out! Note to self, drink more tequila to be able to collect more of these glass bottles hehe!

I also had this existing glass vase encircled below, seen from my DIY sunburst mirror post.

For now, I just stuck the flower on top of the existing leaves (also artificial) while I look for a more suitable vase. To be honest, I'm not quite sure if I like how it looks it or not hehe! But it'll do for now. =)

What do you think of my impromptu flower arrangements? ;p


  1. Ang ganda sis! Peg talaga kita sa pagka-Martha Stewart :)



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