Sunday, January 20, 2013

An Ice Picnic

My kids, especially Miley, love ice! When we eat out, she always scoops out the ice from the glasses and starts chewing on them (I just pray the water used was clean!). So while shopping around at Daiso Japan store, it was no surprise that this popsicle maker is one of the things we ended up buying (of course, I had to tell Miley first what it was before she got all excited).

After filling the containers with water and letting it freeze overnight, we were ready for our picnic the next day!

our "picnic" area
little Sabe was more interested in putting the ice on his toes!
mmm... PLAIN flavored popsicles! ;p
yummy and cold snacks!
breaking the ice, literally
Again, putting the popsicles on his toes! He really did have COLD FEET haha!

After a while, Sabe discovered a new game - skating on the water droplets on the floor! He started doing splits and then running and sliding on the wet areas. Ooops, time to wrap things up before someone gets hurt!

I really love how it takes so little to amuse and have fun with kids! ;p

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  1. Your kids are adorable! I am a fan of Ice Lollies myself :P Love Your blog! I'm a 13 year old Crafter Check out my blog!



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