Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Finding the Right PreSchool

Here is my first big mission for the year! With Miley turning 3 next month, I think it's time for her to try going to school this year.

Actually, some of her (same age) friends have already begun last year, doing toddler or pre-nursery classes. Personally, I feel like 2 is just too young, especially since I'm sure they'll just spend most of the time playing (which they can do at home anyways). It's really more of the exposure to other kids that's important. Actually, Miley has already tried playschool once before, in Toddlers Unlimited. We had fun but since I'm a stay-at-home mom, there was really no pressure on our part to enroll Miley in full classes so early on. However, Miley has continued to be super shy around people (in fact I think it's gotten worse!), and we want to try putting her in school so she'll break out of her shell and learn to interact more.

I've started to do research and was surprised to find out that this K-12 system (Kinder plus Grade 1 through 12) has already been put in effect. The age cut-offs have been really confusing me too. Basically, Kinder starts at 5 years old, Grade 1 at 6 years old, and so on, until Grade 12 at 17 years old. So it's really basically the same (at least for those who have Grade 7 in their schools) - they just changed Prep with Grade 1 (gets?).

Anyway, based on Miley's age, she will be able to enter big school in 2015 for Kinder. For now, she still has to attend 2 years of nursery. My gosh, ang daming levels! And the tuition fees are no joke! If we don't enter her naman this year, our fear is that she will have a hard time adjusting later on. So, it's really just wanting her to get a feel of things and being exposed to more kids her age.

For now, I've been spending all day and night checking out the websites of different schools, reading parenting forums and comparing reviews from fellow moms. What I'm looking for is convenience in location, teaching method, good facilities, teacher/student ratio, and of course a reasonable tuition fee! ;p

I've narrowed it down to about 4 and I've already scheduled a school tour and a trial class in some preschools near our area. I feel like even if everything looks good on paper, you won't really know if that school may be the "one" unless you meet the teachers and see your child in that environment.

Anyway, Just thinking about the fact that Miley will already go to school in June is already making me and hubby anxious. Our little girl is growing up so fast! :(


  1. Let me know how it goes. My son is also 3 yo and we plan to enroll him in saturday play school at Toddlers Unlimited. They have one module starting this Sat, Jan 12. We also live in BF Homes and I'm leaning towards sending him to a Montessori School.

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