Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New plates & mugs

If you regularly read my blog, then you know how much I love Daiso Japan store. Whenever I go to that place, I almost never leave empty-handed. And this last time was no exception. ;p

I was at the new Glorietta last week and just happened to pass by a Daiso store. I was just planning to look around but then I saw these babies and just HAD to get them.

I spied these plates at the bottom shelf at the very back of the store. Actually, they were underneath a pile of other dishes but I somehow saw a flicker of that colorful design and instantly fell in love. I had actually made a promise to myself to start buying all WHITE serving dishes just to make it more coordinated when having guests. But I just can't help myself whenever I see printed and colorful things! I just need them in my life haha!

Check out that embossed design. LOVE it!

Now, these mugs were also too cute (and cheap!) to pass up.

They're all white but that textured design makes it look so much more interesting. Sort of has a vintage vibe dontchathink? ;p

Can't wait to have guests to I can use and show off these babies! ;p


  1. Ang ganda! Sana maka-score din ako ng ganitong mugs (and hopefully tea plates of the same design) =)

  2. Hi mommy Helene! i really love your blog as it gives me inspiration on how to decorate my house and what to look for in my next purchases for my home. Just like you i tend to look for the cheaper alternatives of something expensive that i like. I especially love going to Unitop or Unicity where I can find a lot of cheap and cute quirky items. Thank you so much for this blog and I look forward to reading your latest posts soon!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment dear! Have a great day! :)



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