Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcoming 2013

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I was really feeling under the weather these past few days. All I wanted to do was rest and sleep, so it was really a struggle staying up and waiting for midnight on New Year's Eve. But hey, I don't wanna welcome 2013 in bed so I mustered up all my remaining energy for the last day of the year. Besides, I still want to look nice in pictures diba? ;p

Miley was so excited with all the fireworks, she kept shouting "WOW!" and "THAT'S AMAZING!" She wasn't scared with the loud sounds anymore, not like last year. Sabe, on the other hand, fell asleep before midnight so he was in a bad mood when he woke up. He didn't even want to go outside the room because of the fireworks, so he just played on the Ipad for a bit (see how sleepy he was, I even captured him in mid yawn!).

But after the fireworks had died down, everybody started dancing and what else, eating again! Here's Sabe having his midnight snack hehe!

So despite welcoming 2013 being sick and all, I hope this year will bring more blessings, happiness, and health to our family and yours.

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