Sunday, January 13, 2013

Post-Christmas date at P.F. Chang's

Forgot to blog about this! Anyway, last December 26, hubby and I decided to spend a little quality time with one another by going on a date. Yiheee! So we went to (where else?) Alabang Town Center. After pondering on the many food choices, we finally decided to eat at P.F. Chang's, the world-renowned Chinese-fusion restaurant.

This is their first branch in the Philippines and they've been open for a year now. We've always thought of eating here whenever we're at ATC but we've been warned that it's quite expensive. But since this was gonna be our last date for the year, go for it hehe! The place was nice and cozy, with modern interiors. The restaurant was full and yet the ambiance and mood lighting made it feel somewhat intimate for a casual dinner.

Here's what we ended up getting:

Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Their signature appetizer. Wok-seared minced chicken, mushrooms, green onions and water chestnuts, served over crispy rice sticks and with cool, crisp lettuce cups 

P.F. Chang's Fried Rice (vegetarian)
Wok-fried rice blended with egg, soy, carrots, bean sprouts and sliced scallions 

Beef a la Sichuan
US Angus beef strips cooked until crispy and tossed with julienne celery and carrots 
(P695 / For Two P410)

The verdict? Good food, excellent service and yes, quite pricey! What was so annoying is that when we ordered the Beef a la Sichuan, we accidentally ordered the big serving and not the For Two plate. I wasn't really paying attention when hubby ordered it but I do remember him asking about the difference in servings. When we were eating, hubby looks at the plate and says "I think this is the big one". I was like "Didn't you say we were getting the For Two?" He looks at me sheepishly and says "I don't think so..."

Well I was praying that the waitress used common sense and since it was just the 2 of us, would think that we weren't so patay-gutom and that we'd actually want the For Two serving. But no surprise, when the bill arrived, we were charged with the more expensive one. So our bill ended up being about P2k... for 3 dishes and drinks! Haaaay! So if you're eating here, make sure you specify!

Next time, we'll just eat sa buffet na lang para mas sulit! ;p

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  1. good choice on the lettuce wraps! super yummy! it's pricey everywhere, i guess.



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