Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Salon de Mommy

I've already said this before - I'm a frustrated hairstylist. I actually gave Miley her first haircut (well, just the bangs since her hair was still short then) which turned out looking like THIS hehe. And since Miley hasn't had her hair cut ever since that, I figured it was time for a trim - to be done by moi! ;p

bye-bye baby hair

To be honest, hubby was really against this. He kept saying I butchered Miley's hair the first time and we should just go to a salon to have it done (hey, everyone said Miley looked cute with her bangs!). I mean come on now, this is just a few inches, not a completely new hairstyle. So after some more convincing, hubby finally gave his blessing and even stuck around to document every single snip (and to make sure I didn't go overboard!).

this is it!
making sure the length is even...
adding some layers to the front (naks feeling professional!)

And here's the pretty girl after! She was so well behaved (watching on the Ipad helped big time) that I was so tempted to give her bangs again haha! And she was so cute when she saw her hair on the floor. She kept gasping and saying "my hair!" in a super dramatic way. ;p

Not to brag or anything, but I think I did a great job! Miley's hair is now even all around and she looks so cute! Clap clap! =)

Ok, so who's my next customer? =)



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